Super Fast USDAA Runs by Amazing Dog Agility Teams

I was totally blown away by the first dog’s performance in this video of the 2012 USDAA Regional Champions.

This was the USDAA Dog Agility SteeplechaseĀ® in Moorpark, California, and includes the winners of the four jump heights.

First to run is this amazing Papillon handled by Dawn Weaver in the 12″ division.Ā  No surprise why they won!

Geri Hernandes and Switch the Miniature Poodle secure the win in the 16″ division with their brilliant run.

And the 22″ division is a snap for Dawn Weaver and her incredibly fast Bearded Collie that cleared the course with ease.

I am sure the 26″ division had hard competition but knowing the speed that Wings the Tervuren has it is no surprise Rob Michalski was able to guide this team to the win.

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