What Strong Dog Agility Foundation Work Yields

This is Emelie’s young BC, Sia, doing agility basics showing what a strong foundation in training will accomplish.

Emelie Magnusson is not only a highly talented dog agility trainer, but an amazing video artist as well!

We have had the great pleasure of sharing many if not all of her motivational videos that are always very inspiring.

We also love her training videos she produces that help give motivation to everyone by showing what is possible.

To top it off, Emelie had a storybook beginning in dog agility with her first agility dog being a painfully shy Sheltie.

Emelie learned hard lessons about perseverance, consistency, motivation and positivity in training with him.

All this making her the phenomenal trainer that she is today.  Be sure to LIKE and SHARE this video if you were awed by the great performance of Sia in these exercises.