Start Line Proofing With Border Collie Summit

One of the biggest challenges in dog agility competition is the start line stay.

Summit does an excellent job maintaining a stand stay amid some very hard distractions.

But that is not my favorite part of this video. I can’t get enough of the three Shelties that are helping with the proofing.

Talk about your energizer rabbits! They are hilarious! Such a contrast next to the extreme focus and control Summit is displaying.

But, back to the exercise…proofing is one exercise for a start line stay that is a definite must.

The more creative you can be finding distractions or places with distractions to practice the better your stay will be.

Remember to set your dog up for success. You definitely don’t want to start proofing at this level of distraction.

Only go to the level you are fairly confident your dog will be able to handle and build slowly.

The more time you can spend praising rather than correcting the better your training will become.

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