Starbuck The Amazing Klee Kai Dog Agility Comeback

While learning the ins and outs of dog agility we and our dogs have all made mistakes, some costing us the partnership.

That is what happened with Steffi Diem and her beautiful dog when Starbuck quit playing agility after earning her UAGI title.

What do you do when that happens? Take a break and wait for the dog to say they want to play again.

After a two year hiatus, Starbuck decided it was time to play again and boy did she light the agility world on fire.

At her USDAA debut she took firsts and seconds and in four trials has advanced to Masters/PIII in all but Standard class.

Most importantly, Starbuck is doing it with a high wagging tail. Give this team a well deserved LIKE for their talent, patience and great comeback story.