Standard Poodle and Great Dane at CPE Trial

This Standard Poodle is so beautiful to watch on this Level 4 jumpers course that is an impressive run as well.

It gained, Averna, a first place, qualifying run, and to top it off was the second fastest run in the entire class!

Averna has no problem clearing the jumps with those long legs, but they do require her to duck into the tunnels.

Then you will get a bit of a surprise with the next dog running, a huge Great Dane that could walk over the jumps.

She has to almost fold in half to get into the tunnels, but she and her handler, Kennedy Morgan, not only make short work of this course they were well on their way to their CPE CATCH and AKC MACH when injury ended her career.

Just like the small dog, the big dogs have size as a disadvantage on the standard agility equipment, but these teams don’t let that handicap get them down!  Be sure to LIKE and SHARE these runs with all your friends.