SloMo Lead Leg Change in Dog Agility Dog

If you are a horse person that competes in just about any venue you will know the value of being able to change leading legs.

It really is no different in dog agility and while most animals will by nature change leads when they know they are changing directions, being able to help them makes things smoother.

In dog agility it will mean tighter turns when your dog is on the correct lead leg as well as faster take offs and smoother departures.

And while this video does not show you how to work on lead changes with your dog, it does show you how they work.

Just as it sounds, the leading legs are the front and hind legs that appear to stride out and hit further forward than the opposite side legs.

This dog does beautiful lead changes, one before the take off and then one in midair causing the dog to land on the correct lead for a nice departure.

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