Silvia Trkman’s Agility Foundation For Teeter / See-saw Noise

This video shows how to introduce your dog to the noise and feel of the movement of the teeter.

You will see how they raise the teeter in increments so the movement becomes greater and the noise louder.

The dog in this video has no fear up to this point of the noise and you can see how he is more focused on the toy than the noise.

If you had a fearful dog you would have a helper make small noises with the teeter while you stayed a comfortable distance with your dog.

You would treat the dog, either food or play, just as they are in this video as soon as the noise is made.

This helps your dog associate the sound of the teeter with a positive event.

Be patient and your dog will soon be making the teeter move and bang with enthusiasm like the one in this video.

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