Scout the Swedish Vallhund Running Teacup Dog Agility

This is Scout and his handler’s second TDAA trial and they do an excellent job on this pint sized course.

While Scout does look a bit large to be in Teacup classification, just like “normal” agility it is by height at the withers.

Just like the corgi, the Swedish Vallhund has a disadvantage in full sized agility due to their larger body but shorter legs.

This makes TDAA such a wonderful venue for the smaller dogs, it is a shorter course with smaller equipment.

Many times the teeter on a full sized course can be a small dog’s nemesis as well as the daunting height of the a-frame.

Not to mention a 3lbs dog running the same distance as a 80lbs dog, though there is a time adjustment it is still harder on the small dog.

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