Robin and Jazz Take On NADAC Extreme Hoopers

Ok, so we have seen Hoopers run to have fun and to showcase ground speed and control.  Both great ways to enjoy Hoopers.

Now, how about Extreme Hoopers? Oh yeah, now we are adding fences and the Circle of Doom!

Robin and her Sheltie Jazz are competing at the Minnesota Agility Club’s NADAC trial and have a bit of difficulty.

Jazz is a bit confused by the Circle of Doom and seems relieved when they get to work on the hoops for awhile.

This is a real test on the team’s handling skills as the dog loses sight of the handler when entering the circle.

Great job on Robin’s ability to keep Jazz going and for Jazz to continue trying!

If you have ever encountered Extreme Hoopers then you know it is called Extreme for a reason so be sure to Share the video.

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