Reteaching the Teeter / Seesaw After a Scare

This is an awesome video by Pam showing how she helped her dog Twix overcome his fear of the dog walk and teeter.

Twix fell off the dog walk going super fast and though he did not sustain physical injury his confidence was shaken.

In this video she finds that Twix is not afraid of the noise, but instead has developed a fear of the pivoting of the teeter.

Pam gave Twix a couple weeks off and worked on Freestyle before attempting this task of retraining.

And due to the accident Pam has decided to train for a slower but more solid safe contacts to avoid another accident.

If your dog has developed a fear of the pivot point this is a great way to help them overcome it.

Be sure to Share this with those just starting with the teeter as well.  It is a great beginning exercise to teach a solid contact point.