Positive Reinforcement Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs

There is a high incident of snake bites to dogs who have access to wooded areas, piles of debris in their yard, or open areas you hike in. Most dogs get bitten in their own yard!

We ran across a snake avoidance video snippet that used positive reinforcement training instead of a shock collar.

Our search for a more in depth video brought us to this one that implements the “leave it” command in training avoidance.

They do start with a snake skin for the scent which is great, but we wanted to see more work with a live snake.

You will see the dogs choosing to leave the snake when it is just the skin, but there is more curiosity when movement is added, be sure you proof this very well.

For those living in rural areas or places with a high population of venomous snakes, we highly recommend getting them vaccinated against them if possible as well as isolating them from areas snakes may reside.

Keep in mind that a small percentage of dogs will have a reaction to the shot, so work closely with your veterinarian if it is your dog’s first shot.

Be sure to SHARE this video with everyone living in areas prone to venomous snakes, it just might save a life.