Peanut Will Turn Your Knees To Jelly With These Agility Runs

Small as a peanut, but with the heart the size of a yacht, Peanut the Shih Tzu will amaze you with her third trial runs.

What is even more impressive is what it has taken to get Peanut to this level of confidence and performance.

Her handler says she still shuts down easily, but you would never tell from these amazing runs even when faced with her least favorite obstacle the tunnel.

Peanut out did herself by getting a Q in seven of the eight runs she did at this trial only making a mistake in chances when she had to go out 10 feet layering a jump and the elusive tunnel.

With all those runs Peanut finished her NJC title, then started and finished her NAC title with the fastest time of ALL other novice 8″ dogs!

I say that is a very impressive trial for this pint sized wonder dog with a confidence issue and if you agree be sure to LIKE and SHARE this nutty little dog with all everyone.