You Won’t Snicker at This IFCS World Snookers Run

Susan Garrett and Encore run a brilliant Snookers course at the 2008 IFCS World Championships in Belgium.

This run had zero faults and they earned all possible points which put them at the top of the podium for the Gold.

(The hand raising of the judge in Snookers indicates points instead of faults.)

Watch the first weaves entry on this run as it is beyond brilliant and a perfect example what proofing entries gets.

Snookers is a USDAA game that has some structure to it, but has some handler options as well.

This can lead to a run that is slower and at times seems a bit confused when the handler doesn’t have a clean plan.

Not so with this team as they are running this course with a solid plan of execution, not a hope and a prayer.

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