No Competition is More Valuable than Your Agility Dog’s Health

Emelie and her dog Yim are always a pleasure to watch compete with fluid movement and a connection that is top notch.

What we really like about this set of clips from their 2015 competition Jönköping BK is what Emilie does when Yim falls off the dog walk.

This is what we feel every competitor should do in any crash their dog takes on any course no matter how important the run.

Emelie suffers a DQ for touching her dog after the fall, a penalty she willing takes to be certain her dog is unharmed.

It isn’t about that one run, it is about the entire trial, weekend and even the competition life of your dog.

If you have never had this happen to you, count yourself lucky but know what you would do if it did. A great lesson for everyone to see.