New Dog Agility 2×2 Weaves Training?

We found this video that has a really interesting way of teaching the weaves using a 2×2 method we have not seen on YouTube before.

The commentary does not translate well so we cannot help you much on how to use this method other than watching.

It does appear to read that the dog demonstrating may have already been trained with this method and that is why they go through it so quickly.

Please note that if this is indeed Susan Garrett’s new method of teaching the weaves, we have already cleared it through their office.

It is a very intriguing method and give room to a lot of thought as to why it does work so well such as, “Do you need different colored poles to make it work.

If this video got you thinking and looks like something to try, be sure to LIKE and feel free to comment if you have seen this before.