Neat Way to Analyze Your Dog Agility Wraps

I hate to admit it, but it took me a bit to understand what was being demonstrated in this video so I will see if I am correct.

These are different teams taking the same jump combination with a wrap on the second jump back to the first with focus on the wrap.

They put up small red markers along the landing plane and the jump standard plane to evaluate how tight the wrap is performed.

There are two cameras showing both angles and then they measured the distance of the entire wrap from the jump bar to the second plane on the wrap.

Love the markers to help you visually see how your dog is wrapping even if you don’t have the camera set up.

Really neat to see that size of dog or jump did not affect the outcome, rather it was the handler’s timing and dog’s ability only that made the difference.

At end they compared the average distance with the handler at the jump as shown and with a send which made a huge difference for the obvious reason that the dog gets a faster, clearer picture of where to go when the handler is there.

If you think this is neat way to gauge your team’s performance of and advancement with the jump wrap, go give it a try. But first be sure to LIKE and SHARE it with your friends.