Neat Compulation of USDAA 2010 NAC Steeplechase Finals

This is a really neat video of the 2010 USDAA Steeplechase Finals as it breaks each run into lines and shows each dog on that line so you can see the different handling techniques and ways the dogs run the course as the course is run.

Beginning with the start line you will get the clowns that creep, crawl and outright walk out of their stays.

Also, note the wide variety of breeds represented in this event showing again that any breed can excel in dog agility.

The Steeplechase is a race against the clock and is designed to encourage speed with a course that includes hurdles, tunnels, A-frame and weave poles.

The World Championship has more than fifty qualifying events and Steeplechase is divided into four height divisions in a two round format. You must qualify in a semifinal round to earn the right to compete in the final round.

We may not all be world champions, but watching them compete is always fun and educational. Be sure to SHARE these fun runs with your friends.