Natural vs Contrived Negative Reinforcement in Dog Training

You may here the terms positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, force free training, reward based training and such.

But do you really know what they mean? Eileen takes one of these concepts, negative reinforcement, and demonstrates natural and contrived.

Yes, there are natural negative reinforces, but they differ greatly from contrived as the dog has control in natural reinforces.

We cannot stop all negative reinforcement our dog may come across in their life, but we can stop buying into the thought that contrived negative reinforcement is ok.

With any training method, advised by any trainer, must be tested by yourself on your dog’s level. You are your dog’s keeper and it is you who determines what training is used.

We hope this helped you see how negative reinforcement works and the difference between natural and contrived. Please SHARE this information with all your dog training friends.