Miniature Siberian Husky Kizzy Reinvents Dog Agility

We didn’t count how many Miniature Huskies, aka Klee Kai, Karissa Solberg handled at the 2015 NADAC Championships, but there were a few.

Kizzy has a gorgeous coat and a happy attitude as well as her own idea of how the course should run.

But that doesn’t affect Karissa’s attitude as you can hear the happiness in her voice the whole run.

NADAC brought back the Pre-Elite division this year for the first time in several years which was good for Kizzy.

This allowed them to run very similar courses and ignore the distance lines, but it was still a bit too much for Kizzy.

Karissa shares that in round 6 Kizzy was done and sprinted from the start line straight out of the coliseum.

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