Max, the Basenji, Shines in His First AKC Invitational Run

Different breeds hold their own unique qualities that make them who they are, it is not always the best quality for dog agility.

Being a hunting dog by breed, smells are very important and while Max has to take a timeout to take one in, he does still gets his Q!

Max does an excellent job on this first course of the 2012 AKC Invitationals running great runs, despite all the stress of a first invitational.

He shows the dedication to training and practice his handler has put into him when he goes for the tunnel trap, but calls off before committing to it.

Max may have some distractions, but he shines on the course with beautiful weaves, nice contacts and a great connection.

If you have ever competed at this level you know what an accomplishment it is to Q on your first run of your first time competing here. Be sure to LIKE if you agree.