Shetland Sheepdogs Aslan And Asher Wanted in Dog Agility

Nice compilation of videos and pictures from 2010 of these two Shetland Sheepdogs rocking it with super distance handling with their handler Kristin Kaldahl.

These dogs can hold there own with Aslan’s MACH4 in regular and running Preferred, qualifying for AKC Agility Nationals seven years and has attended three along with top level Rally titles and NADAC agility titles.

And Asher, the tiny one, working on his first MACH is full of speed and talent even with distance and speed keeping it tight.

The distance work is awesome to watch and how locked onto the handler these dogs are even after taking a spill.

I also love the wide strapping on the tunnels, not that these little guys would have issue, but it is great for the larger dogs.

Great fun to watch and really neat pictures that you will want to Share with others right after you Like it.