Livie the 12th German Short Hair Dog Agility MACH Earner

Earning a MACH is nothing to sneeze at, it is the proof of dedication, perseverance and a side order of patience.

Especially when your partner happens to be a breed prone to distractions, gitty spells and desire to do what their breeding tells them to do.

This is a super video of such a team, showing where they came from and what they looked like on that glorious MACH day.

“SharpMtn’s OU Live to Play” really lived up to her name with bouts of zoomies and spins in her early runs, but check out that MACH run!

This is what happens when you don’t give up on your dog! Not only did they earn the MACH, but the honor of being the 12th German Short-haired Pointer to earn a MACH!

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