Learn How Much Exercise is Right for Your Agility Dog

For many entering into dog agility it can be a daunting task trying to discover how much is enough exercise for your dog.

For those in dog agility, keeping your dog fit without over working them is a new concern as they must be in shape to avoid injury.

Donna Hill helps explain the factors that need to be considered when choosing how often, how much, and what type of exercise your dogs need.

If your dog is exhibiting unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, and chewing it could be a sign of not enough.

But what kind of exercise is best for your dog can be like a moving target as each breed, age, and temperament have different requirements.

Doing nothing is not an option as obesity in your dog poses many health risks, so watch on and when you are done be sure to SHARE these pearls of wisdom with all your dog loving friends.