Lakota’s Last AKC Dog Agility Run

Many teams will see this day coming for some time and, like Lakota, have many beautiful days running dog agility.

However, that isn’t the story for all teams as injury, illness and even death can stop the journey in it’s tracks.

This is a beautiful glimpse of a team full of years of competition and a solid reminder to enjoy the ride and remember the heart of dog agility.

The heart of dog agility is having fun with your dog and Lakota had a full dog agility adventure that spanned 10yrs.

Yet, I am sure this day still was not an easy for Lakota’s mom knowing this marked the end of Lakota’s agility career.

Don’t let pride, envy, greed or even life itself pull you away from the heart of dog agility and may you have many fun years as this team did growing your partnership with your dog.