Kruze Hits the Dog Agility Tire Jump Hard

This is a great reason why the breakaway tire should be at every dog agility competition.

You will see Kruze hit the tire with so much force being a fast not necessarily big dog that he topples the entire obstacle.

Many dogs get a good flip when they hit a solid tire, Kruze almost gets a good whack in the head by the framework.

Now there are not crashes at every dog agility event, but at speed during competition when they do it is usually bad.

This makes it reason enough to see more breakaway tires especially at the higher levels of competition.

It is your job as a handler to see that your dog is safe at competition.  If you think your dog runs hard enough to crash you may want to be sure your event uses the breakaway tire before competing.

Affordable Agility has a breakaway tire as well as a full line of high quality competition and practice equipment at affordable prices.  So check it out and add the breakaway tire to your clubs dog agility equipment.