Keep Your Agility Dog on Down Contacts with Running Contacts

Lisa Bonker demonstrates another way to get your dog performing running contacts by using another piece of equipment.

We have seen folks use jumps one stride after a down contact or contact hoops at the end of a contact to drive a dog downward.

Using a tunnel is another way to build muscle memory in your dog’s down contacts if you choose to use running contacts.

With the tunnel being at the exit point of the down contact, your dog will be forced to stay on the contact to the end.

We do have a word of caution on this method in that you need to be sure you have a large enough tunnel opening that your dog will not hit it with their back or shoulders coming off the contact.

And while it may seem obvious, make sure the tunnel is straight and any bracing used does not press the tunnel down where your dog could hit it with back or shoulders.

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