Jenny Damm’s Phenomenal Close to 2012 Dog Agility

WOW! I could watch these runs all day! I am so glad that Jenny put both normal and slow motion speeds.

Jenny and her dogs seem to have memorized the courses as they fly through with such precision and speed.

Jenny is just as quick and light on her feet as her dogs and her signals are clear yet at the same time fast.

It is nice to see them in slow motion so you can at least have time to tell what is happening with these amazing fast runs.

What a way to close out the year! You know Jenny has spend innumerable hours in practice and conditioning to get here.

What a great example of what is possible with hard work and dedication.

Not that we all want to compete at this level, but knowing how flowing and seamless a run can be is inspiration.

If you enjoyed watching Jenny run her final competition of the 2012 year even half as much as me, share this great video

with all your friends and co-conspirators.

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