It Just Wont End – Turtle Agility

Seriously, I had to share this boxed boy’s smooth moves with you!

Though I could see him get a little more aggressive with the weave obstacle he tackles the pause box without hesitation.

I was a bit concerned with the tire obstacle when I saw it was NOT a break away tire.  No incident this time.

They will need to work on their running contacts as well, because they almost had a fly-off on the dog walk.

I love the energy over the teeter as The Turtle spots the finish line and gives an extra boost in speed to finish strong.

What a great team and you can really see the bond they have developed based on trust and respect.

Though I didn’t catch the maker on the equipment I am sure you could research and find it for your turtle.

Way to go team Turtle. Be sure to share this clean run with all your agility friends.