Introduction to Dog Agility Obstacles

This is a pretty flawless introduction to the harder obstacles of dog agility by a confident and eager Rottweiler.

You will notice the treating at contact points and safety precautions on the dog walk.

Not all dogs are this forward and may need treating all the way up and down these obstacles as well as lowering the A-frame to make it more inviting.

The proper introduction to the chute followed by the tunnel which for some dogs will need to be scrunched up to a shorter length and straight shot with the owner at the end just like the chute.

My only objection is with the tire starting at full height. Many dogs will try going under or to the sides when introduced like this.

It is important in these beginning sessions to keep it safe, upbeat, and fun which is exactly what you will see in this video.  If you enjoyed watching these two learn together be sure to LIKE.