International Fun in Dog Agility

We stumbled upon this super video that is a compilation of dogs and handlers from around the world with one thing in common.

They all are competing at the International level in a sport we have all come to love watching and playing, dog agility.

They introduce you to several teams representing several countries in their backyards and at competition.

It is fun to see the innovation that they use in setting up practice runs as well as use natural obstacles to increase balance and agility.

The key ingredient all these teams share is fun, you can see it on the faces of all these dogs as they work their obstacles.

If you enjoyed watching these international teams come together in a fun film that promotes dog agility be sure to LIKE and SHARE the fun with everyone, especially those that don’t know dog agility. And if you need practice equipment you can click on over to Affordable Agility and buy a practice set or work on one one piece at a time.