How to Use and Size a Crate for Your Agility Dog

If you or someone you know is getting a puppy and are looking into getting a crate, this video has some wonderful insights.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting a large or small sized dog, if it is an 8 week old puppy it will need a crate considerably smaller than what they’ll need as an adult.

And regardless if a dog or a puppy, the crate they will use today needs to be large enough for them to enter, turn around and lay down comfortably.

However, it cannot be so large they are comfortable with eliminating in it as they can easily find a clean spot to sleep.

Great tips in this video will help you set your new dog or puppy up in the correct crate to start house breaking.

They get a tiny bit into actual crate training, but we highly suggest you watch a video on clicker crate training as there is much more that goes into it than seen in this video.