How to Use a Flirt Pole Correctly

Cinimon Clark of Turnaround Training and her Head Trainer Allie Hashimoto demonstrate some basic Flirt Pole Techniques.

You don’t have to have a Pitbull Terrier to get great use out of this easy to make toy, in fact, we first saw it used on a GSD.

We have also seen it used for smaller dogs as a great way to get them the stimulation and exercise they need and what a great way to build drive in your agility training!

This video has some killer information in it about safety for your dog while playing with the flirt pole.

They also cover what training your dog needs in place before taking on the games they show.

And their safety tips apply to all breeds of dogs as you are getting them fired up with this game and don’t want them running off or pulling you or the toy apart.

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