Test Your Handling Skills on These Dog Agility Drills

There is no set way to run these drills, they are more for you to test and find what works for your team.

They will also show you flaws in your handling if you cannot communicate correctly to your dog what you need from them.

Both drills were designed by Bud Houston or at least are found on his blog and should be interesting and helpful to you.

The second drill is specifically for the handlers benefit for the above mentioned reasons, but in this video she improvised.

Adding blind crosses for the pin wheels from another drill to test CeCe and her understanding of the work they are doing.

Bud says, “What I’ve found about the Minuet over the years is that it will expose fundamental flaws in handling.

The handler might get away with a thing once; and might get away with it twice; but he will not continue to “get away with it” in the minuet.”

So if you found these drills interesting be sure to LIKE and SHARE them then go try them out for yourself.