How to Teach your Dog to Have Fun Stacking Rings

This is one of our favorite “tricks” to watch performed and there is a ton of work and patience that goes into training it as well.

Not touted as an easy trick by any means, it definitely is one that is very rewarding when accomplished and Amber Abbett really does make it look easy.

It is so much fun to watch these dog’s minds working as they figure out the game and how happy they are in learning it as well.

This is accomplished by keeping sessions short, ending on an improvement (of any kind) and of course keeping it upbeat.

If you have a dog that is on bed rest for health or injury issues, this is a great trick to teach during that time to really work their mind.

If you wish your dog could do this trick, this is the best video we have seen to help you teach it. Be sure to LIKE if you think so too.