How to Teach the Dog Agility Chute

The chute or collapsible tunnel can be a tricky obstacle to teach so be sure to take your time when practicing and set your dog up for success from the start.

Some dogs are very fearful of going into them in the beginning and others love to blast through.

If your dog is hesitant, let your dog work it out and do everything you can to make it a great experience for them and they will soon love it as well.

There are hazards to it as well.  If the dog turns inside the chute, I have seen the dog take a real tumble coming out.

If the chute is not laid out straight a dog can get tangled pretty bad and then become afraid of them.

If you are at a competition, keep an eye out that they have a runner straightening the chute before your dog runs.

It is up to you as a handler to be sure it is straightened before you start. Then LIKE this video if you found it helpful.