How To Start Your Agility Dog Through Tunnels

This is a nice video packed with a lot of good advice on starting your dog on the tunnel obstacle.

She covers proper positioning of the dog as well as yourself and how to handle treat rewards as well as toys.

I would only add that if you are alone and your dog is hesitant to go through you can put the reward target on the exit end of the tunnel far enough out that the dog will be completely out of the tunnel, but not so far the dog cannot see it from the entrance.

If your dog tries to cheat the obstacle and go around, you can put the treat in a clear tube or container so they cannot get to the treat without you.

Also, she puts a significant bend in the tunnel to start.  If your dog is timid start with a bend that still allows the dog to see out the exit end and build from there.

Some will build drive in the tunnel obstacle before lengthening it as well.  This dog is already driving through so you may want to keep the tunnel short and build this kind of drive before adding length.

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