How To Start In Dog Agility Pawsitive Approach

This is a short 5 minute video showing some basics of starting an older dog in dog agility training.

It has some really insightful tips about how to see agility training from the dog’s point of view and how to keep it positive.

This clip features helpful tips on training your dog some basic obstacles and shows a few basic handling moves.

It is really geared for the pleasure dog enthusiast and has some really funny clips in it as well.

My favorite part is of the verbal owner that is trying to cohere the dog into doing what they want.

They transform that into what the dog actually is thinking and they do a great job of it.

If you know someone that is thinking of getting into agility with their dog you will want to share this with them.

So be sure to like and share this with them so they can get an idea of what is going through their dogs head.