How to Start Building Calmness in Your Agility Dog Pt 2

Tab discussed important points in training calmness in your dog in part one of this two part series and in this video he demonstrates how to teach some calming behaviors.

If you have a hyperactive or easily over stimulated dog then you should have a settle command similar to the ones taught here.

While your settle command may look more like a casual down, these calming behaviors put your dog into a body position that helps them to calm.

It is always fun to watch Tab and Solea work because Solea has been trained with only positive reinforcement and as she learns more she learns quicker.

Don’t be discouraged if your training sessions don’t go this quick and never let yourself get into goal drive mode so you start drilling your dog and miss small improvements.

Only add or increase distractions when your dog is comfortable and reasonably solid in his current setting.

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