How to Save Your Dog from a Steel Hunting Trap

Many of you live in open areas where hunting and trapping take place, don’t let this stop you from enjoying a good hike with your dog.

While this video does not go into any great depth in prevention, it has great advice for getting your dog out of a steel trap.

We would stress that if you are on trails that may have traps, keep your dog’s close to your side.

Mike Stewart shows you the perfect idea of having your dog carry a first aid kit in a pack and what to put in it.

Though we have never experienced a dog caught in a trap we can only imagine the intense pain your dog will be experiencing.

You may need to calm your dog before trying to rescue them and we doubt it will be that easy to muzzle your dog with your leash.

Keep your calm and keep safe, even the kindest dogs will bite when in pain and it will not due either of you any good if your hand gets chomped as well.

If you or a friend hike in areas that could accommodate trappers, please SHARE this video so they know what to do.