How To Play Tug With Your Agility Dog

So many agility dogs love to work for their toy and playing tug with it is a super way to build drive in your dog.

However, there are proper ways to play tug so you do not injure your dog’s neck or teeth and this video shows you how.

Please note also that puppy teeth can be broken or pulled out with improper tug play.

Also, dogs that are overly possessive or show signs of aggressiveness, playful growing is normal, should not be tugged with.

You will see that in this video they are also incorporating the teaching of the Drop command using treats which will help a dog with impulse control.

You may opt to teach your dog how to “Take” and “Drop” a toy before starting tug play though you may need to work on it during play as the dog’s emotions will be higher.

Playing with your dog is great for building and strengthening your bond and can help immensely with confidence and drive in your dog agility training.

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