How to Make a Snuffle Mat for Your Agility Dog

We very well may be one of the last to hear about this super idea for keeping your dog busy and learning during meal time.

They call it the Snuffle Mat and Lindsay Kinney does a great job explaining how you can make your own mat with a few supplies.

It is a great project for rainy/snowy/hot days when going outside is on a limited basis that will also double as a boredom buster for your dog as soon as you are done.

Once you finish the mat you can “load” it with your dog’s mealtime kibbles or break up biscuits for them if it’s between meals.

The only concern we had was how to clean it and to point out you would want to make sure your dog doesn’t try eating the material when frustrated of finished with their treat.

It looks easy enough to make and should give your dog plenty of entertainment, if you agree hit LIKE and then SHARE it with all your dog and kitty friends.