Hoopers Workshop That Shows the Basics in Training

So you are wondering how those teams manage to get to competition level in Hoopers with their dogs and this is how.

In this workshop you will see the dogs learning how to circle an object and use targeting to understand the hoops.

If you are wondering why they don’t start with a barrel it’s because it is harder to work around and some dogs cannot handle even that short of time without visual on their handler.

Hoopers classes can also include gates and that too takes a bit of confidence from a dog and you need to give your dog time on that as well.

Hoopers is a great ground speed game for your dog, but be sure they are solid on directionals before adding speed.

If your dog has never negotiated a tunnel before, you will want to scrunch it and make it as short as possible to start. Then you can add length and bend to it.

Hoopers is a game anyone can play if you just take it slow in the beginning so be sure to SHARE this fun with all your friends.