Henrik Shows 6 Handling Options For Dog Agility Line

Great video of six different handling methods for this combination of jump tunnel jump.

Henrik and his Border Collie Senna demonstrate how small differences in handling can shave or add time to your run.

I thought that the fourth option would have been the best time as it gave the dog a clean straight entry into the tunnel.

It might have been easier to follow if they had ran put the runs in order from shortest time to longest.

So I will give that to you:  1 – 4.83, 2 – 4.85, 6 – 4.9, 4 – 4.96, 3 – 4.97 and 5 – 4.98 with hundredths of a second differences.

It looked to me like the biggest differences came with how tight Senna was able to wrap and how much deceleration was needed to make the turns.

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