Safety Recall on the Dogwalk

We posted this video with a bit of a light heart as the video owner stated the dog was not hurt, but many did not see the humor in a dog’s near demise. Due to the fact that this could have been a bad accident, we have chosen to edit our previous wording.  And upon review find the camera person really is taking it a bit too light without knowing for sure that the dog is not hurt.

What you are about to see is a dog that takes a misstep on the dogwalk and in doing so loses control and slides down the last half of the walk.  This is a great example of how dangerous our sport can be for our dogs and how important proper training and control are.  But there is a reason it’s called an accident, no one plans these.

There are accidents on the A-Frame that has lead to it being lowered, there have been accidents galore with the tire jump that has lead to breakaway tires.  There have been accidents on bar jumps that has lead to the use of standards that are not connected and plastic jump cups with rounded edges that breakaway.  There have been accidents and even at least one death associated with the tunnel that has lead to better designed bracing.  Even the distance between weave poles has been extended to make it safer for larger dogs.  And now the dogwalk is long overdue a change with a wider planking.  If we continue to run faster we need to continue to make it safer.

If you would like to see the dogwalk made safer then contact your venue and let them know how you feel.