Knowing When To Let Go of Your Dream

No this story is not about an agility dog or even an agility dog handler, but it has a strong message for all agility lovers.

It is about being accepted, discovering who you are, who your dog is, finding our purpose together.

It is about being able to give up on Your Dream and letting your dog be the best at who they are.

So what does that have to do with dog agility you may ask?  Everything.  In dog agility or any competitive team sport it is easy to forget a team has to be going in the same direction in order to work.

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to make your dog and you for that matter, better, faster, smarter than another team.

And while that is not a bad thing when it is used correctly to drive a team that is already heading in that direction, it becomes a problem when it consumes you and causes you not to see that you or your dog are already at their best.

Your team is unique so be true to your team, able to adjust expectations, overcome challenges, look at obstacles as opportunities and remember that anything is possible if you follow your heart.

So sit back, relax and remember to enjoy YOUR ride.  Then be sure to SHARE it with your friends.