Hands Free Dog Agility Start Line Set Up

If you would like a way to set your dog up at the start line without having to handle them, Pam takes you step by step in teaching your dog to set up between your legs.

Not only is this helpful to you insuring you get your dog lined up correctly at the start line, it doubles as a “safe” place for your dog while waiting in crowded areas at a trial.

It is also a fairly easy trick for any dog to learn and many rally and freestyle dogs already know it.

The start line is a great place to start a debates such as whether or not you even need a start line stay.

Kayl McCann won a jumping course at the 2015 IFCS WAC with Grand Slam that caused another debate.

What is the proper way to set your dog up at the start line, her method was seen by some as harsh, however Kayl shares this gets her dog amped up.

Well, we have learned a long time ago what works for one team may not work for another, so if Pam’s video helped you find a way that suits your team be sure to LIKE and SHARE it with others.