Handling Options for Dog Agility’s 270-Serpentine

No doubt this is a sequence you will only see at the upper levels of competition and I must admit can be very confusing at first glance.

Esteban gives you what he found is the best handling option for him and his dog to watch first and then shows other options as well.

To visualize how this is still a serpentine, which by definition results in a wave line of travel for the dog, you need to see two jumps in line as a normal serpentine.

Draw your dog’s path over the jumps, then imagine the “top” end of each jump is brought down until the jumps are now parallel to each other.

Draw your line again with the dog taking the same side of the jumps as when they were perpendicular to each other.

The second jump approach and execution gives you your 270 and in this video the dog is pulled back to complete the serpentine motion through the right side of the tunnel.

Love how Esteban shows you the risks of the other options as well. If you found this video helpful in understanding the 270 combination handling be sure to LIKE and SHARE with others.