Front Cross Placement & Timing and Leads in Dog Agility

If you ever wonder what all the fuss about crosses is all about or you are new to dog agility this is your video.

Debby shows what happens when you are in the wrong place and give your command at the wrong time on the front cross.

Marti is tiny so you may have to put the video in full screen to see it better, but watch closely at her leads.

When a dog is on the correct lead over a jump with a turn you are going to get a nice tight turn and good set up for the next obstacle.

When the dog lands on the incorrect lead it is very hard for them to make a tight turn and this can cost you valuable time depending on where the next obstacle is.

This video is pretty short so watch it a couple times to get the concept down, then click LIKE and SHARE this great info with your dog agility friends.