Grapes Are Deadly to Dogs

Many pet owners know not to feed their dogs chocolate and maybe even onions, but choose to do so because their dog never had a reaction.

Well, that is what Angela Poates thought as well, but her dog, Rio wasn’t one of those dogs.

Rio consumed grapes, a toxic food to dogs that can lead to death with as little as six grapes.

Hear her story and learn more about the top five foods that are toxic and in some cases fatal to dogs.

Since it was documented in 1999, there have been many cases reported of grapes/grapes (the flesh) causing kidney failure.

So you know some foods to avoid, but you must also know that foods cooked with these ingredients are dangerous as well.

Chicken and turkey cooked with onion and/or garlic are just as dangerous as the toxins are captured in the skin.

Other meats such as pork and beef roasts cooked with them are equally bad.

Please Share this information with all your dog and cat friends.  It just might save a life!