Germany’s Individual Runs at World Day 3

This is a fun video showing all the runs of the Individual Dog Agility Large, Medium and Smalls from the German Team.

This is tough competition at the 2010 Agility World Championship in Germany even with homeland advantage.

Every day is a new day and you will see superior handling and some agonizing mistakes as these teams take the course.

Silas Boogk with back, Philipp Müller-Schnick with Finn, Susanne Down with Hazel, Hinky Nickels with Pitch, Ilona Rinke with Leeroy, Robin Peacock with Harriet, Stephanie Tiemann with Chilly, Daniel Schröder with Nick, Renate Käsgen with Cayenne.

It is humbling when our dogs remind us they have a free will and we sometimes lie with our body language.

At this level even the smallest mistake in a directional can cause mistakes that could cost the run.

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